Quantcast Loading  Cargo  onto  M992 Never  activate CAUTION conveyor switches or directional control valve with conveyor stowed. Serious damage to  conveyor  could  result  from  such  action. CAUTION When  positioning  vehicle  for  conveyor  operation, never allow weight of conveyor to be supported by cables only. Damage to cables and/or conveyor could result. Conveyor should be supported by left and right conveyor  supports  when  positioning  vehicle. CAUTION To  avoid  damage  to  the  conveyor  always  stow conveyor  before  driving  vehicle. 1. Deploy conveyor (p 2-148). 2. Position conveyor vertically and laterally for ammunition loader. NOTE If conveyor must be positioned above horizontal, it must be raised and held manually by three crewmen while a fourth man  secures  conveyor  supports  (1). 2-156

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