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TM  9-2350-287-20-1 2-19.  TROUBLESHOOTING  CHART  (continued). g GAGES (continued). (10) SPEEDOMETER FAILS TO OPERATE. Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Equipment Conditions: • General mechanic’s tool kit (Item 24, • MASTER switch set to OFF Appendix  1) (refer to TM 9-2350-287-10). • Socket wrench socket adapter (Item 63, • Remove portable instrument panel Appendix  1) (para  7-6). • Open transmission access doors (refer to Personnel  Required:  Two TM 9-2350-287-10). A. 1. Disconnect speedometer drive shaft from speedometer. 2. Rotate shaft on speedometer by hand. 3. Observe speedometer needle for move- ment. Does speedometer needle move? B. 1. Disconnect flexible drive shaft from speed- ometer angle drive adapter. 2. With the aid of an assistant, rotate drive shaft by hand at one end. 3. Observe other end for rotation. Does shaft rotate? GO  TO  STEP  E Continued on next page 2-131 Replace  speedometer  (para  7-9). Verify problem is solved.


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