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TM9-2350-261-20-1 DIFFERENTIAL   COMPONENTS The  differential  consists  of  three  major  assemblies.  These  are  the  right  angle  gearbox  (1),  steering  unit  with brake  shoes  (2),  and  two  output  shafts  (3). Power   flow   is   from   the   transmission   to   the   right   angle   gearbox   (1)   to   the   steering   unit   (2). When driving straight forward the steering unit (2) delivers equal power to both output shafts (3). Pressure on either steering lever slows or stops the right or left brake drum, inside the center steering unit (2), and reduces the speed of the right or left output shaft (3). By slowing down one side you increase the speed of the other and the   carrier   will   turn   in   the   direction   of   the   applied   brake. Equal  pressure  on  both  steering  levers  applies  to  both  brakes  and  slows  or  stops  the  earner. The  differential  overheat  switch  (4)  is  connected  to  a  warning  light  in  driver’s  compartment.  When  warning light  comes  on  it  means  oil  temperature  is  too  high. 2-10


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